About Us...
We are a motion picture livestock and equipment company, based in Tucson Arizona. We have been in the film business for over 30 years.

Short Bio...
We have provided horses and rolling stock for such films as COMMANCHE MOON, INTO THE WEST, THE ALAMO, TOMBSTONE, DEADMAN, WILD WILD WEST; as well as commercials WELLS FARGO, MILLER BEER, MCDONALDS, CHEVROLET; and music videos for KENNY ROGERS, MARTINA MCBRIDE.

What we have...
* 30 head of driving and riding horses - Morgans, quarterhorses, Percheron crosses; specialty in harness horses - singles to 10 ups
* cattle
* 15 period wagons, stagecoaches, buggies
* saddles - A-forks, western, cavalry, Mexican
* harness - 1830's to modern - enough for 30 teams
* A western town location featuring 8 EXT. sets, as well as 4 INT. sets; props, set dressing and wardrobe for westerns
* Hobby Horse Museum - model horse collection, also includes sales of Breyer horses
* Have semi-truck, horse van, and two 40' saddle/harness tack trailers, available to travel anywhere

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